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Our organization began in early 2017 with 13 people in a St. Louis County living room. We are not professional organizers or politicians. We are concerned citizens, who are worried about the direction our country is taking and the loss of accountability, transparency, and open discourse.

“All Politics Is Local”  – Tip O’Neal

We have an elected representative – Rep. Ann Wagner – who doesn’t speak for us, or listen to us or meet with us. She seems to only work for her big corporate donors.  Not us. Three and a half months after our first little meeting we held a Town Hall. We invited Rep. Ann Wagner. She didn’t show up, but almost 300 of her constituents did. Even before the Town Hall was over, Mrs. Wagner released a statement calling us “radical leftists” holding a “bogus Town Hall”. We call ourselves constituents. And constituents deserve respect.


JOIN US: Our Promise & Vision

Our grassroots group has grown into a non-profit organization for citizens of Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District. Our mission is to educate and inspire citizen activism through open dialogue.

  • We believe healthcare is not a privilege for the few. It is a right for all.
  • We believe in clean renewable energy.
  • We believe in scientific, research and development.
  • We believe in an end to corporate control of our elected representatives.
  • We believe in a government that works in partnership with the private sector.

Join us at Missouri 2nd District for Change. Together we can do amazing things. Contributions to Missouri 2nd District for Change are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.


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